Useful Apps for Health Service Users


A modular series of useful apps for health service users

UsefulApps aims to complement health services by providing help and support for health service users and their carers. Using mobile technology simply and effectively to make living with long term conditions easier. Fitting in with health education and expert patient programmes to help people manage their own conditions. Utilising cutting edge technologies to enhance accessibility to all areas of society.

UsefulApps aim to:

  • Have web, tablet and smartphone versions – platform independent
  • See mobile application as primary tool, website mainly for maintenance
  • be modular – developed in phases – use the ones you want
  • be well designed
  • Have a single hub launcher with a common design
  • incorporate bottom up service development, developed with full consultation of service users
  • have core services free at the point of delivery to patients
  • be funded by public sector and private sponsorship.
  • Only charge for genuinely premium services which would otherwise divert funds from the majority


As the project expands the module details will be added with information linked below.

  • Medications
  • Appointments/Communications
  • Records
  • Support
  • Information
  • Self Management
  • Trackers


  • Patient, carers and clinicians’ versions based on same backend.
  • Clinician’s version assume online all the time
  • Patients and carers synched regularly
  • Standard apis  on patient data would make access to information generic not system specific

using government service design principles

refer to/must meet